CCA 2018 will continue a series of international topical workshops aiming at the commercial exploitation of coated conductors in various applications. The series was initiated in 2000 at the University of Goettingen, Germany, followed by workshops at Honolulu, Hawaii (2001), Gatlinburg, USA (2002), Orta S. Giulio, Italy (2003), Oiso Prince Hotel near Kamakura, Japan (2004), Santa Fe, USA (2005), Schloss Monrepos, Ludwigsburg, Germany (2006), Jeju Island, Korea (2007), Houston, USA (2008), Barcelona, Spain (2009), Fukuoka, Japan (2010), Heidelberg, Germany (2012), Jeju Island, Korea (2014), and Aspen, USA (2016).
The CCA 2018 will be held from September 10 – 13 in Vienna, Austria. The venue will provide a great view over the city of Vienna and an ideal atmosphere for intense discussions.

The topics will include:

  • processing and characterization of coated conductors
  • coated conductor applications
  • related technologies (joints, quench protection, etc.)
  • non-cuprate coated conductors